Women’s Training Center

womens-training-center-bangladesh-chuch-speaking In lands steeped in Buddhism and antagonistic to the Body of Christ, 96 churches hold 5 monthly sewing classes for their own women to teach income generating skills of sewing, cooking, & floral arrangements to their women and family units.

CDM test piloted an evangelistic outreach by sponsoring a young Buddhist girl to attend their classes creating a circle of love and protection and exposing her to daily devotions and lives that know the joy and radiance of walking with a living God,womens-training-center-sewing not fearing death and having the hope of heaven. She was assigned a woman to answer questions and a church in her village to follow up. She so enjoyed her experience that she has asked to come back. That’s what happens when you plant a woman with no peace in the midst of over 50 women that joyfully hope in a heavenly future despite everyday persecution.

Our pilot project was so successful that these women have caught the vision and now sponsor unsaved girls themselves as an association of churches. CDM gave a grant that allowed the Women’s committee to purchase their own property. God also provided through generous believers the funds for a whole new facility. It is a nice 2 story building that has plenty of space for clwomens-training-center-new-groundsothing design, food preparation, floral arranging, sewing machines, living quarters, dining room and offices. As the training center neared completion, local believers gathered the funds to buy the adjacent property, giving the program plenty of room. This will allow the program to run year round classes for widows and orphans, bringing Buddhists into their midst to hear of Christ.

This people group is already intensely evangelistic and would hire at their own expense a full time woman to run the center.Women of America have banded together to sponsor needy woman that are allowed into this circle of love. CDM is committed to raising the funds to build this facility so that this ministry womens-training-center-propertycan explode and expose Christ to lives darkened by Buddhism, fear and hopelessness. We want to “sow by sewing” knowing that “whoever sows sparingly will reap sparingly. But whoever sows generously will also reap generously…enlarging the harvest of…righteousness.”