Rubber Plantation – Asia

IMG_6115The association of churches struggles to raise funds for supporting its ministries, particularly the Bible College and the orphanage. The staff of the association’s headquarters will often go months without pay as they wait for churches and donors to send in their faith pledges for the year. In addition, once orphans are finished with high school, there is no support for them to go on to college or university. Through CDM’s needs assessment, it was apparent we needed to supplement the income for the association so they were not totally dependent upon donations from either their churches or foreign organizations.

Rubber_TappingA Christian Chinese businessman was selling undeveloped land surrounded by rubber plantations. He was offered large amounts of money by his plantation neighbors but wanted the property to be used for ministry. Through a CDM grant, the association of church was able to purchase his land to add to another property they were farming. The plantation grows rubber, cashews, tropical fruit, bamboo, and vegetables. In addition, there is the potential of fish farming.

There are many benefits from this plantation:

    • Profits from the plantation will fund scholarships for orphans desiring to go on to Bible College or university.
    • Profits from the plantation will help the operating budgets of the orphanage, Bible College and church association.
    • Profits from the plantation will help the church association in starting new churches and para-church ministries.
    • Food and meat from the plantation will feed the orphans and Bible college students.
    • Older orphans and Bible College students who work on the plantation are learning learn agricultural skills and receive an income.
    • Plantation provides local employment to dozens of poor Christians.
    • The plantation serves as a model farm to train Christian farmers and serve as an outreach to unsaved farmers.
    • There are plans for a retreat center on the plantation to serve local churches
    • The plantation manager is planting a church near the plantation.
    • ALL the profits will go to supporting ministries.

Rolling-Rubber-ChipCDM desires to establish other plantations where agriculture is possible and profitable.