Orphanage – Southeast Asia

IMG_5403-blurred-wordsThe association of churches in this Southeast Asian country, has started their own orphanage because orphaned or abandoned children of Christians would otherwise be put in Buddhist orphanages. Every third Sunday the churches take up a special offering for the orphanage. The former orphanage was housed on a small piece of property with no place for orphans to play and the living quarters were overcrowded.

IMG_5423On faith, the church association bought a piece of property to move the orphanage even though they didn’t have funds for the buildings. Through the generosity of donors in the United States, CDM has been able to provide funds to construct four buildings for the orphanage so that there is plenty of living and playing space.

IMG_6235-croppedThis compound is adjacent to the Bible College, and now that the orphans are relocated there, it is a ministry opportunity for the college students. CDM’s “Tuck an Orphan Into Bed” program has provided setup expenses for each of the orphans pictured here, but there are several more critical needs of this vital compassionate ministry. For more information about current needs of this orphanage, contact us and we will send you the details.