Fish Farm – South Asia

cdm-partner-fish-farm2  fish-farm-south-asiaThis CDM partner had for years been employed by a Bible translation organization as a translation expert. However, the call to be a missionary amongst his own from the age of eight compelled him to leave that job to become a missionary to his own Hindus.

To create unity and synergy amongst others who are seeking to reach the Hindus of his home valley, he and several others have started their own mission agency. Wishing to be self-sustainable, he has had the dream and has the personnel with which to establish a fish farm. With such a farm he can support many missionaries for CDM’s role is to conduct a feasibility study and develop a business plan. The final step would be implementation of that plan by providing capital to get started. With God’s blessing, the fish farm could very quickly sustain a team of church planters in this area of South Asia.