Boys Orphanage

bangladeshi-orphanage The boys’ orphanage is part of a complex of ministries related to a theological seminary founded several years ago by CDM’s president.


Coming from several different areas of the country, these boys and are being raised to one day go back and minister in their communities. They are being taught preaching and teaching, and each morning they take turns doing devotions for each other and practicing all the functions of a church in the church plant that meets there on Sundays. Each evening they have a Bible class and group devotions where they are taught to study through the Bible and then have prayer and worship times.

There is a need to expand the orphanage by adding a floor to an existing building for dormitory space that will allow more orphan boys to be mentored by teachers and students of the seminary. The orphanage has its own primary school where the boys get a good education but there is a need for a computer lab, which will give the orphan boys the computer skills they need once they leave the orphanage.